Tina Wilson loves God and his word, and she is committed to helping people connect with Scripture and discover connections within Scripture. She speaks at conferences, women’s events, colleges, and church gatherings about a variety of topics with heavy emphasis on the authority of the Bible in all matters. Her particular experience in church planting, family life, and homeschooling gives her unique insight into a few of her favorite topics shown here.

Popular Topics

All-In Family Ministry

Tina and her husband have seven children, and they’ve all worked together for Christ’s kingdom. They believe in bringing their kids along with them in ministry, and this form of discipleship is key in their home and church. They’ve also homeschooled all of their children for the duration of their K—12 education. Their oldest daughter recently married, and their next daughter is engaged. Both of their sons-in-law are actively involved in ministry in their local church as well.

Biblical Literacy

Tina leads women in her church and community through yearly readings of the whole Bible. This is something she’s done for several years in various formats. In 2023, theology cohort Renew.org (http://renew.org/) published her Bible accompaniment guide, which has ranked among best-selling Christian commentaries and Bible study books. She also hosts an annual women’s conference at her home church to inspire women to dig deeper into their study of Scripture.

The Local Church

God’s plan for how his people live together in community is something Tina loves deeply and promotes tirelessly. One of the Core Values in her home church, Ekklesia, is this: We expand in influence. We make Christ and his church famous by growing his kingdom. It is through the local church that God has tested Tina’s heart, grown her faith, given her family, and established her purpose. She loves helping people connect with this themselves.

Audacious Faith

A goal in Tina’s life and ministry has been that she walk on faith to do things so audacious that if God isn’t in them, they have to fail…because anyone can look at her and see that what has happened in her family and church is far beyond her and her husband’s own abilities to achieve. Being “unschooled and ordinary” (Acts 4:13) has been the story of her life; yet sincerely seeking to model Christ’s church, to teach the apostles’ doctrine, to glorify Jesus through miraculous faith moves—leads people to believe and grows ministry to “mega-sized.”