At a pastor’s conference I attended with my husband a few years ago, we sat down for lunch with a group of leaders, most of whom we had just met. One man at the table asked Matt to share our church’s story with the group. This is one of my favorite things to do—share the testimony of modern-day miracles God has let us witness in our church-planting journey. In this setting, it was my husband’s story to tell, so I tried to keep quiet and just let him . . . but from the edge of my seat, I couldn’t help breaking in a couple of times to say, “Oh, and tell them about this. . . .”

After my husband’s five-minute recap (which was extended due to my enthusiasm), another leader was asked to share his church’s story. He gave his whole testimony in less than 50 words and 20 seconds. That short version was an amazing story of redemption and reversal that reminded me of Joseph in the Old Testament. I would’ve loved to hear every detail, but his presentation was blasé, and he had to be coaxed into sharing even that much.

I immediately felt a tinge of embarrassment. We represented the smallest of the churches at this table, and I was visibly more excited about our story than were the leaders of churches tracking way ahead of us. Ugh . . . why hadn’t I just played it cool?

I just can’t help it. I am compelled to celebrate.

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