How to Use Social Media Well in Your Church

If your church isn’t using social media—and using it well—you’re likely missing a great opportunity. Social media is the widest form of advertising available—and it costs little to nothing.

Early on, social media may have been used mostly by younger people, but these platforms have expanded so much that most people across generations now get their information from them. The reach of social media is broad with regard to age and target audience. Social media speaks to church members and seekers alike, while most communication from the church—bulletins, email blasts, billboards—target one or the other.

Beyond the wide generational range and mix of members and seekers you can reach with effective social media, a specific benefit to Restoration churches is the ability to connect congregations in our tribe. Among the easiest ways to improve your church’s social media presence is to follow other Christian churches who are using it effectively and learn from their examples.

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