Fools According to the Bible

What are fools according to the Bible? A fool is someone who refuses to listen to wisdom or learn from discipline. Failing to fear God or respect the rules of reality, they repeat their folly much like a dog returns to its vomit. 

“Whoever digs a pit will fall into it; if someone rolls a stone, it will roll back on them.”  (Prov. 26:27)

The fool is a character developed throughout the book of Proverbs. Every verse in Proverbs 26 (except v. 2) deals with the fool, instructing us in how to identify and handle such a person.

A fool is not deserving of honor but of discipline. According to the descriptions of the fool throughout Proverbs, he can’t be trusted with the simplest tasks and, despite his incompetence, he is wise in his own eyes. He is reckless, and he is not teachable. Rather than learning from his mistakes or receiving wisdom, he just does the same foolish things over and over again.

“As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly.” (Prov. 26:11)

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